“…(one) of the most radical educators of the 20th century…” – The Independent

“Peter really made the day. He reminded me of why I chose to work in Early Years Education. For this reason I will take something of value back to school.” – Delegate, Royal Kingston Early Years Conference

“Your address was an inspiration… if only everyone would share our passionate beliefs – so grateful.” – Lucille Sher, Headmistress, Alyth Kindergarten

“You touched a chord in us all and have sent us back to our schools affirmed in our beliefs and re-inspired to continue the work of enabling children to grow and flourish.” – Fran Johnson, Montessori Education (UK)

“Fantastic presentation.. you inspire me to keep believing!” – Wilhelmenia Taggart

“Very inspiring… a breath of fresh air.” – Outdoor Adventure Conference Delegate

Let Me Be (Peter Dixon poetry collection) has fished me out of the rut of teaching and has put the spark back into the way I teach…” – Educational Conference Delegate

“Assessment, tracking, monitoring, profiling… let us do what we are trained to do…” – Educational Conference Delegate

“Particularly enjoyed Peter Dixon – it’s good to be reminded of priorities – spending time with children, having fun and inspiring them.” – Delegate, Royal Kingston Early Years Conference

“Inspirational. Exceptional. Brilliant. Why doesn’t he run the educational system?” – Highscope UK delegates

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